One Week in Denmark

This summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Denmark (Odense and Copenhagen) for a business meeting and training session.  I have never been to this part of the world before and was excited to experience the Scandinavian lifestyle.  Before I get into the details of the trip itself, here are some quick facts to help you prepare for your own adventure:

  • Outlets are 2-prong: type C, F or K.  Voltage is 230 Volts.   I purchased my converter here: Travel Adapter
  • Currency is the Kroner Currency Converter
  • Packing List is here: Packing List
  • GET A PIN!  I needed a pin for my credit card almost everywhere I went and it was a bit of an ordeal.  You can use your debit card but I am always hesitant to use that when traveling.  My suggestion is to call your CC company and get a pin before you go to make life easier 🙂
  • Language is Danish, but English speakers will have no issues!

I flew from Baltimore to Copenhagen via WOW Air – a low-cost airline that services Europe.  Fairs are low and they make a profit charging for bags ($50-$100 per bag) and they do not have any services offered during flight.  You must pay for water, snacks, etc.  The seats are very similar to Southwest but they have chargers built into the seats which are awesome on a long flight!  I strongly recommend you buy water bottles and snacks at the airport before you take off.  I found this airline charming and would take it again and again.  So long as you are prepared, you won’t have any issues.  Check out my US to Europe Plane Regimen

Once in Copenhagen, I made my way to the train station located at the airport.  There are red kiosks in the airport and wonderful representatives to help you purchase a ticket to where you need to go.  I used their website in advance to map out my journey.  The train was a bit tricky.  I was headed to a town called Odense, which is about 60 minutes west of Copenhagen, and the stop wasn’t as intuitive as you would think.   The stops were all labeled in Danish and there was no stop for “Odense”.  But, I simply asked other travelers if they could help and had no issues finding my way on and off the train.  Once in Odense, I had a short walk to my hotel, The First Grand.  This hotel was perfect.  Located in the heart of town, the rooms were small but comfortable.  The little bar was great and the staff was spectacular.  Their breakfast was awesome and they even have a little gym that was perfect for late night or early morning workouts.  I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone traveling in that area.facade-first-hotel-grand-odense-2

The morning coffee wasn’t too bad either 🙂

coffe first odense

Odense is the charming hometown of Hans Christian Andersen.  There is a little museum is downtown and you can get some amazing pieces of art, too.

Danes also love discussing American politics and this was apparent even in their street art.


They enjoy amazing food and have very seasonal menus.  Every meal consisted of fresh produce and amazing seafood.

After a few days of meetings in Odense, we headed back to Copenhagen to finish off our stay and to take two days to explore.  One thing I cannot stress enough is the effortless style Danish women have.  They are stunning and look immaculate even in all neutral colors with windswept hair.  It left a real impression on me and I have adopted more of this look into my own style ever since.  Please take my word for it and DO NOT plan on wearing heavy makeup or tons of color when you visit, unless that’s really your preference.  Danish style is about high quality, simple clothing and polished skin with minimal make up.

Walking around Copenhagen is VERY safe, we found a wonderful park called Kings Park which features the Queens Rose Garden.

kings parks iii

We also took the Hop on, Hop off which was the perfect way for a business traveler to see the highlights of any city quickly and allowed us to see what we wanted in a structured, stress-free way.

I hope this post helped you get some tips for your own adventure!  Please message me if there are any questions.  I am getting started with publishing all of my adventures, so if there are certain topics that may help you please let me know.  Upcoming topics are packing for the multi-location journey, suitcase reviews, makeup palettes for travel, etc.

As always, enjoy your travels and make time for some fun!  Denmark was a wonderful country that I would love to visit again.  Our last night was spent enjoying some nightlife,  so I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of the trip 🙂

Cheers – Miss S



2 thoughts on “One Week in Denmark

  1. LadyVanilla says:

    Wow, awesome read! It’s so interesting reading about experiences in Denmark, when you are kind of used to DK (born and raised here 😉 ).
    And the fact about the womans style here. Didn’t notice it until I read it here, but it’s so true!


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