Suitcases and Carry-ons

There was a time when packing for a trip literally had me in a sweat and left me panicked.  There is nothing worse than leaving for a week-long business trip in a foreign place and not have X, Y & Z things that make life on the road tolerable.  Since this has happened to me so many times when I first started out, I began taking notes each time I left and came back from my travels – cataloging my wins and misses each time.

The most fundamental pieces of equipment when becoming a “road warrior” are a reliable and appropriately sized piece of luggage and an easy to carry, yet stylish, bag for your computer, chargers, and purse.  Nothing is more unprofessional to me than seeing women hauling in a briefcase, purse and whatever else she may have and fumbling to get settled in a meeting.  It communicates to others that she is not a pulled together person nor organized and polished – pack properly and have the right bags and this can all be avoided.  The best part of it all is there are options at any price point!

Elaine Benes said it best with this image…too many bags ain’t cute ladies!


So, on to the right bag for the job

  1. It’s ok to have a purse and a briefcase, but the purse should fit into the briefcase – this isn’t only for practical reasons, such as minimizing your carry on bags to meet flight guidelines, but also to avoid what I mentioned above – too many bags syndrome. It’s easier to handle one bag and you will look far more pulled together – resist the urge to bring some massive purse with you traveling.  Instead, try to bring just your wallet or a small clutch. I love this one from Kate Spade for $198.00PWRU5596_001_R (1)

Another option I love is from Target for $14.99 this is so cute in person and has clean lines which give it a very upscale appearance.  The red lining adds even more visual appeal.  It will carry everything you need!  My passport even fits within them both.


Briefcases AKA computer bags 🙂

I have two of these which can handle all of my essentials for airline travel and business meetings.  Again, my first pick is Kate Spade.  Her bags are VERY reliable and worth the money.  Customer service is awesome and they stand by their product.  Here is my pick:

On my trip to Denmark, I actually used this little number from Target which received some great reactions and it was only $33.00!  I will say, this hasn’t lasted as long as I would have hoped, I’m only a few trips into it and see quite a bit of wear and tear.


Lastly, The Suitcase – some folks always use the same size and some folks use different sizes based on the length of the trip.  Honestly, after many years of travel, I have found that I can fit everything I need for a week in a “large” carry-on which is around  9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm).  Anything longer than 7 days, I may move up to a larger size, especially if my trip consists of a long stay in one place without laundry service.  I love TJ Maxx for almost all my larger size suitcases and have completely switched to hard surfaced options.



I tend to spend more money on my larger sized carry-ons.  Soon,  I’ll post my thoughts on the away bag, which has been all the rage online.  I take it for a test run in January and will have a better idea of what it can do then!  Here is what I use now

Lastly, here are some accessories I use to keep my things organized


I hope this helps and stay tuned for an update on the Away bags!


Cheers, Miss S


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